Monday, February 7, 2011

I better not be jinxing myself

I tend to avoid relationship talk like the plague.

Normally, commitment makes me kind of queasy. In the past, I've regretted letting certain opportunities pass by. Well, a certain opportunity that was tall and boy shaped. After that saga, I became a half-breed commitment phobe and lioness on the prowl.

Trust me, it's an awkward combination.

The indecisiveness got tiring after awhile, though, and I couldn't help but feeling like an emotionally stunted half-person. So, I made a promise to myself that I was going to try things a little differently: I was going to start giving people chances.

Revolutionary, right?

And the thing is, it actually kind of has been. The first week back to school this quarter I met a guy. I must admit that at the time, however, I could have totally let it be a one night type of deal. But something strange happened. He asked for my number and he actually used it. As in he actually asked me to hang out two days later. Sober, I might add. In college, that's practically like marriage.

Even better is that I wasn't completely freaked out, and I actually went. He's cute and nice and tall and cleans his room. And he bought me candy once. And even though he just got out of a relationship, I'm trying not to psych myself out because I do think that he actually likes me. At least I'm hoping because we've been doing this weird hook-up, spending the night together, hand holding in public thing for four weeks now.

As of late things have slowed down a bit, but I think there's potential. I'm trying to not to over analyze every text that isn't responded to or read into every time he kisses my forehead. But things are going. And I like it.