Monday, December 27, 2010

This might be too much information.

So I got an iPod touch for Christmas. It's awesome and reminds me how much I love technology and getting what I want. Also? Being able to blog while you're on the toilet. Super win.

Not that I'm doing that right now...

Friday, December 24, 2010

The future's so bright

I want to:
*Learn how to sail and spend a week out at sea
*Create a workout plan and stick to it
*Volunteer at an AIDS support organization/orphanage in Africa
*Live abroad for one year
*broaden my cooking knowledge
*brush up on my French and learn Italian
*Go vegetarian for one month
*Shamelessly flirt with a cute guy (in a day, non-drinking scene)
*Create a budget and financial savings plan

Just to name a few. What do you want to do?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm pretty sure this means I'm a homewrecker.

A few months ago I wrote a little letter.

At the time I was all, "This will never happen but its still all funsies and jokey." Then shit got real. Because IT HAPPENED. And I do feel bad, I really do.

How was I supposed to know that he was going to take it so seriously? So, here's note #2 to my future husband.

 Don't look so sad, Ryan. I'll take care of you.

Dear Ryan,

I'm sincerely sorry to hear about the breakup between you and Scarlett. I know you must be all kinds of hurt-y, and I would just like to let you know that I'm here and thinking of you. I take it that my last letter had quite an impact on your relationship, and I am feeling sort of to blame for the whole situation. But I know we could be great together so forget about ScarJo, and call me when you're ready.

xoxox Chelsea

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas Eve Eve. Sorry, no calls or texts tonight--I'll be waiting for a very important phone call.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

I've come to realize that around the holidays people generally fall into the following categories: people who love the holidays more than their first born, those who would rather gouge their eyes out than listen to a Christmas carol, and those of us who are trying not to kill anyone from the first two groups. Now, I've always been a fan of Christmas. There are presents, lots of homemade food, a few glorious weeks off from school, and quality time with family and friends. What's not to like?!

I've been extremely fortunate over the years. My family is far from rich, we've struggled and scraped and lived paycheck to paycheck, but somehow my wonderful parents always managed to put food on the table and put a few thoughtful presents under the tree. This, I know, is not the case for many, many people. This entire winter break I have been lacking some serious holiday spirit, and it's the first year in a long time that I've neglected to stop and reflect what this season is all about. Until I read this. The Bloggess has always been one of my favorite bloggers; author Jenny Lawson never fails to make me laugh out loud and cry at my computer (and generally all in the same post!). She rocks and deserves to know it.

This year, Jenny decided that she wanted to give back to some of her readers who are struggling to make ends meet this year. She planned on giving away twenty $30 Amazon gift cards to the first twenty commenters who explained why this gift card would make a difference in their lives right now. The results were amazing. The twenty gift cards went lightning fast, but something heartwarming also happened. Mixed in with all of the desperate comments from people across the globe looking for help, were comments asking jenny how they could get involved. For every single person who said they needed help, one person (and thensome!) stepped up to help them out. Jenny predicts that over 900 gift cards were sent out by 689 of her readers to 450 other readers--totaling over $40,000 worth of donations.

It was after reading Jenny's updates and an article written by The Washington Post, I was struck why it is that I love the community of bloggers. In a world in which there is so much negativity and struggling, that is only intensified by the holiday season, it is incredibly moving to be reminded that there are still so many normal people doing good, spreading kindness, and sharing love. And the thing that I am trying to keep myself mindful of as Christmas passes and the New Year comes, is that there are people who do things like this year round, too, with little recognition. So, thank you, Jenny, The Bloggess for starting this incredible chain of events. Thank you to everyone who donated and took part. And thank you to those who do great things like this everyday, in every country around the world. Our world is brighter because of people like you.

Wishing you all safe and happy Christmas! xoxo


 Welcome to the new and improved home of House of Crazy. As you might have noticed, a lot of things have changed around here! I originally started this blog at a time this year when I really was feeling truly crazy--hence, the name! Now that I've grown into my own over the last few months and am back up and running, I thought a new look suited the new me :)

After a lot of thought and internet browsing, I came across the quote you can find down to the left. Something about it really struck a chord with me. In the last few months I have been working on my inner-confidence and owning myself, and this quote reminded me of the importance of believing, especially in yourself. I believe that all women are queens, and we should treat ourselves as such. I'm hoping that this new corner of the internet will help me to embrace the divine girl I know is inside, and to bring a little positivity and love to all the other lovely ladies out there, too.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Today is the day.

A few months ago I made a decision. About the same time that I decided to break up with the internet, I promised myself that I was going to apply to Teach For America.

I've spent the last year and a half attempting to make a post-graduation plan for myself. Grad school? Vagabond traveling? Full time job? As much as I would like to pack my bags and head for the horizon, I know that my student loan bills are looming. I have practically nothing in my savings, and if I don't want to end up living in a cardboard box come June, I figured I should probably make a game plan.

Teach For America is a two-year national service organization that places qualified and enthusiastic individuals in classrooms in low-income school districts across the US. TFA is designed to help eliminate educational inequality in the United States by providing the much needed teaching staff in regions that are high in poverty and low in educational resources. The goal is to bring quality education to the children who are most at risk for dropping out of school and never attending college.

When I first learned about Teach For America, I knew this was something that I wanted to do. I've always been passionate about life-long learning and have come to realize that helping others is one of my top priorities. After reading and learning more about the TFA corp, I knew that this was the perfect post graduation opportunity. It gives me a stable income, the chance to move across the country, and the ability to truly make a difference in the life of a child.  

The day has finally come to turn in my application. I'm proud of myself for finally making a decision and whether I move on to the next round of the application process or not, at least I made a step towards my future. I made a plan, I followed through, and I'm hoping for the best.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why I Broke Up With The Internet. Also, What The Hell I've Been Doing.

You may have noticed that I promised to come back. Like four months ago. Yeah, I've never been very timely.

Back in September I started to go a little crazy. I found myself taking way too many classes, working way too many hours to make a few extra bucks, and not devoting enough time to studying and other normal things like eating and showering.

In an attempt to find a job for winter break at home (plus I had a million doctors appointments) I was dividing my time between school and my hometown. I was driving three hours home and back a few times a week, often making the drive twice in one day on top of going to class, at odd hours of the day. I was sleep deprived and felt like I lived in my car. I flaked on classes, flaked on work at school, flaked on my sanity.

So, I broke up with the internet. When I found myself with the occasional bit of downtime, I realized that the last thing I really needed to be doing was surfing Perez Hilton for two hours. I found myself wasting the little time I had in which I could be doing real life things. I needed a break. From Perez, from Facebook, from attempting to start this blog.

But things have calmed down now. I made it through the quarter, found a job, and caught my breath.

So, I'm declaring the break up over. Come to mama, Interwebz.