Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why I Broke Up With The Internet. Also, What The Hell I've Been Doing.

You may have noticed that I promised to come back. Like four months ago. Yeah, I've never been very timely.

Back in September I started to go a little crazy. I found myself taking way too many classes, working way too many hours to make a few extra bucks, and not devoting enough time to studying and other normal things like eating and showering.

In an attempt to find a job for winter break at home (plus I had a million doctors appointments) I was dividing my time between school and my hometown. I was driving three hours home and back a few times a week, often making the drive twice in one day on top of going to class, at odd hours of the day. I was sleep deprived and felt like I lived in my car. I flaked on classes, flaked on work at school, flaked on my sanity.

So, I broke up with the internet. When I found myself with the occasional bit of downtime, I realized that the last thing I really needed to be doing was surfing Perez Hilton for two hours. I found myself wasting the little time I had in which I could be doing real life things. I needed a break. From Perez, from Facebook, from attempting to start this blog.

But things have calmed down now. I made it through the quarter, found a job, and caught my breath.

So, I'm declaring the break up over. Come to mama, Interwebz.

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